Dark Fantasy

This is definitly more from my dark side of my mind.

This time i post my original render and my postworked version both. Decide yourself which one you like more – if you like em 🙂

There are some creatures in the darkness is do not want to meet (even when they look hot 😉 ). Take a closer look to the corspe – thats not a normal human corpse!

Lady_Saphiria_Darkmoon_BloodHunger01_l Lady_Saphiria_Darkmoon_BloodHunger01_pw_l

Lights can be awesome …


after i bought the advanced light bundle of age of amour i was playing around a bit with it and all i can say is WOW. That is amazing stuff and puts lots of realism into your scenes.

And for sure also a lot of more rendertime 🙂 But who care if quality matters.

I will show you some examples. You remeber my Lara Croft Style Girle Linda i hope ? Here that is she in the scene i renders some weeks ago :


And now i will show you some examples what can be done with Cams and Lights of that bundle.

Same scene with a normal Daz Cam , Depth of Field now enable and using Advanced Ambient Light:


Now i will change the cam to the volume cam of his atmospheric Camera Effects :


And at least i added an advanced Spotlight :


And Wow !! isn’t that amazing ? I think i have a lot to play around for weekend 🙂