Paladin Battle …


back to my beloved fantasy genre here is scenery of a battle beetween two trolls and Belinda the paladin.

While sneaking through a dungeon she discovers this place protected by trolls :


Immediatly she starts her attack right to suprise the busy troll.

PaladinBattle02 PaladinBattle03

A second troll comes from the side.


But she is aware of cut him down easily.

For all this braveness she is gifted now and finally by her godness with angelwings. So at least it seems she reached maxed level eh ?

PaladinBattle05 PaladinBattle06

And finally :

A portrait version of her.


Dark Fantasy

This is definitly more from my dark side of my mind.

This time i post my original render and my postworked version both. Decide yourself which one you like more – if you like em 🙂

There are some creatures in the darkness is do not want to meet (even when they look hot 😉 ). Take a closer look to the corspe – thats not a normal human corpse!

Lady_Saphiria_Darkmoon_BloodHunger01_l Lady_Saphiria_Darkmoon_BloodHunger01_pw_l