Pen and Bullet are back

Two years ago a started a project to create an 3D Action Comic with two main characters called Pen and Bullet.

Or better Pen and Bullet are the shortnames of em.

More Infos in my old post for that here :

As one of my personal achievemenst for 2017 i want to bring this project a huge step forward. Can i finish it ? I do not know.
It is a lot of work that comes with that. Hundreds of pictures are need to be rendered. Scenes have to be created and reworked. Characters have to be created. Dailogs needs to be written.
Especially the Story part will be my weak point 🙂
But anyhow. I started with reworking the characters as G3 now.
Switched from Octane to Iray. So i need to rework or better remaster all the existing scenes.
Here are some of my work as samples :