Widescreen power ;)

this is one of my totally favourite scenes i had created.
It already look good in Daz 3DDeligth Render.

Now i pimped it up a bit and increased the scene to a total size of 5760×1080 pixels.
This is meant as a desktop wallpaper image for a three monitor setup.
And rendered it again with octane now. It needs about 20 hours and was my last job of my poor GTX650 graphiccard.

New Render PC almost finished

More and more my new render-pc is close to complete.

My new render-pc is setup to DAZ Studio with plugin and Octane Render Engine by Nvidia. Even if i am usually an ATI/AMD Fanboy 🙂

But who cares – there is nothing on AMD site what can compare to this render engine.

When the new pc is complete it will be :

1x Intel CPU i7 3770k

2x 8GB RAM Corsair

1x NVidia GTX780 with 6GB RAM (ordered)


Right now a alread played around with my actual card GTX650 with 2 GB RAM. Octane needs to have all textures and materials n vram memory of the card. So 2Gb is really a hard limit and reached very fast.

The DAZ Plugin from otoy has some nice features to resize the textures what help a bit but resize to much result in unsharp textures  – so handle with care.

Here are some of my first results :

caverns lara_octane_test elfish_ruins