Underworld – William Corvinus


here is screen that should compare the original DAZ Product Lycan from RawArt with my modified version to make William much more dangerous :


Nevertheless, great product from RawArt , you can grab it here : http://www.daz3d.com/lycaon-the-werewolf

And here is a HQ poster Version of William avancing through a ancient doorway.

Underworld - WilliamCorvinus_Poster


I am a big fan of the underworld films. Kate Beckinsale is doing so great a Selene. This is my tribute to Selene.
She was running into a trap of lycans and now she fighting her way out.
This is the first time i use Garibaldi Hair system to give the lycans some fur.


And my reloaded version of the original cover :


My next scene with a setup of the Movie Underworld.
Here is Selene (with support) fighting the elder lycan William who freed by his brother Marcus.
All renders done in DAZ Studio. Did some minor postwork with the blood in Gimp.